The bearer of the next meal! ! Delicious 🍅 tomato fat beef roll~ My secret to losing weight is to eat less 🌝 So I usually buy small lunch boxes on purpose~ In this way, you can intentionally prevent yourself from eating less~ The bento box I'm using now was bought at Minso. There is a compartment which I find very convenient to use and light to carry. Let's talk about today's lunch side dishes are really delicious and delicious! You have to say the important things three times. Hahaha 😄 The combination of slightly spicy peppers and sweet and sour tomatoes tastes amazing! Be sure to use the fat beef to make it more tender in taste~ If you use fat beef slices, the meat will be a little bit of wood after cooking~ Believe me, this dish is really delicious 😋 You must make it! ! 🌟 Ingredients 🌟 Fat Beef Roll About 350g Two tomatoes 🍅 One pepper 🌶️ One millet pepper three cloves garlic 🌟 sauce 🌟 Two tablespoons of steamed fish soy sauce a spoon of soy sauce A spoonful of sugar A spoonful of oyster sauce A teaspoon of starch A small bowl of water Step1. Make a cross on the top of the tomato 🍅 and soak it in hot water for a few minutes, then peel and cut into small pieces, cut the bell pepper and millet pepper into sections, and cut the garlic into minced garlic. Step2. Boil a pot of hot water, put two slices of ginger and a little cooking wine, pour in the fat beef rolls and blanch the water and remove it immediately for later use. Step3. Heat the oil in a pan, add minced garlic and saute until fragrant, then add bell pepper and millet pepper, and finally add tomato and stir-fry to make juice. At this time, you can ➕ the right amount of tomato sauce. The part of the sauce is mixed in advance and poured in. Finally, put the fat beef and stir fry evenly. Cover the sauce and turn off the fire~ # 燃烧卡路里大作战 # # 今天也是yami的一天 # # 亚米厨房 # # 三食三餐 # # 爱吃又想瘦 #
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Yamiセレクション 下饭届的扛把子!!美味🍅番茄肥牛卷~ 我的减肥的秘诀在于要少吃🌝 所以平时的饭盒我都故意买很小~ 这样就可以有意的阻止自己少吃一点~ 我现在用的这个便当盒是在Minso买的。 有一个隔层我觉得使用很方便也很轻便携带。 再来说回今天的午餐配菜真的好吃好吃好吃! 必须把重要的话要说三遍就对了哈哈哈😄 微辣的尖椒和酸甜的番茄结合那味道简直了! 肥牛也请一定要用肥牛卷口感上会嫩一些~ 如果用肥牛片的话煮完肉质会稍微柴一丢丢~ 相信我这道菜是Real好吃😋你们一定要做!! 🌟 食材 🌟 肥牛卷 350g左右 番茄🍅 两颗 尖椒🌶️ 一根 小米椒 一根 蒜头 三瓣 🌟 酱汁 🌟 蒸鱼豉油 两勺 酱油 一勺 白糖 一勺 蚝油 一勺 淀粉 一小勺 清水 一小碗 Step1. 番茄🍅顶部划十字浸泡在热水里几分钟后剥皮切成小块,尖椒和小米椒切段,蒜头切成蒜末。 Step2. 烧一锅热水放两片姜和少许料酒,倒入肥牛卷焯水变色了就立即捞出备用。 Step3. 起油锅放入蒜末炒香,再倒入尖椒和小米椒,最后放番茄翻炒出汁。这时候可以➕适量的番茄酱。酱汁的部分提前混合后倒入,最后放肥牛均匀翻炒均匀的裹上酱汁即可关火~ # 燃烧卡路里大作战 # # 今天也是yami的一天 # # 亚米厨房 # # 三食三餐 # # 爱吃又想瘦 #