innisfree oil control powder is one of the star products, The powder is very natural, and it is easy to control the amount, It is not as easy to pour more or less than loose powder, It is convenient to carry when going out and there will be no leakage of powder. Oil control is good, basically 6 hours without oil, And it will not whiten (as long as you control the amount), The point is, and the price is really cheap, A great bargain for student parties. # 年度美妆护肤大赏 ## 消灭0评晒 #
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innisfree控油粉饼是当家明星产品之一, 上粉很自然,而且容易控制用量, 也不会像散粉容易倒多或者倒少, 出门携帯方便也不会发生漏粉的情况. 控油力不错,基本可以6个小时不出油, 而且不会泛白(只要控制好用量), 重点是而且价格真心便宜, 非常适合学生党的平价好物. # 年度美妆护肤大赏 ## 消灭0评晒 #