It's not easy to buy An Muxi in the United States, Every time Yami puts on An Muxi, I am very excited and excited. I placed a lot of orders for An Muxi last year, and this year is no exception. This year's bottled Anmuxi and last year's carton Anmuxi Not only the packaging is different, but the taste and texture are different. This one is sweeter than last year and not as thick as last year, To say that last year was a mellow type, this year is a sweet and refreshing type. Those who like orange and sweet yogurt will like it very much. Bottles have a lot more capacity than carton packs. good good~ I really like this kind of yogurt that can be stored at room temperature. This makes it more convenient to take out of the house than if it needs to be refrigerated. # 即食美味 # # 消灭0评晒 #
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Yamiセレクション 能在美国买到安慕希也太不容易了, 每次亚米上架安慕希都很让我心动和激动, 去年为了安慕希下了好多单,今年也不例外, 今年瓶装安慕希和去年纸盒装安慕希 不仅是包装不一样,味道和口感都不一样, 这个比去年更甜,也没去年那么浓厚, 要说去年是香醇型,今年就是香甜爽口型. 喜欢香橙、也喜欢甜酸奶的会很喜欢. 瓶装比纸盒装容量也多了不少, 不错不错~ 很喜欢这种可以常温保存的酸奶, 这样带出门比需要冷藏的更方便。 # 即食美味 # # 消灭0评晒 #