【Yami Kitchen】 Braised noodles with beans ➕ becomes a delicious artifact in one second



☝️The first time I ate braised noodles was at my husband's hometown in Shanxi, where my mother-in-law made it and thought it was very delicious. It is in line with the taste of Northeastern people! It is similar to the northeastern kidney bean stewed potatoes, but it is still slightly different. Today, I will share with you the semi-authentic Shanxi stewed noodles. The reason why it is semi-authentic is because the authentic noodles are all hand-rolled, but I can't, I can only use the noodles I bought.

🔎Preparing materials:

Slice the pork belly, clean the beans, and cut the potatoes into cubes. Then onion ginger garlic star anise, and a bowl of garlic vinaigrette (more on that later), and noodles.



🔎How to:

Fry the pork belly in a hot pan with cold oil, fry the oil a little, add the onion, ginger and garlic, then add the beans and stir fry, then add the potatoes and stir fry together. After frying for a while, put light soy sauce, cooking wine, and a little dark soy sauce to color, and then see if you need to add salt according to personal taste, and then add 1-2Star anise.



Then add boiling water to cover the ingredients but not too much, spread noodles on top, bring to a boil and simmer on low heat20-30 minutes or so.



U.S. beans are different from domestic ones. They are green beans, which are very well cooked and won't be poisoned if eaten raw by foreigners. So basically, the noodles are cooked as soon as they are cooked. The time of different noodles may not be the same. You have to master this by yourself. ⚠️An important step before serving! Just pour the garlic vinegar sauce, then stir the side and vegetables a little, then cover the pot and simmer for a few minutes, and you're ready to go! I didn't have this step before and always felt almost, and this step is really right! And use Shanxi aged vinegar!





Isn't it easy! And friends who love spicy food must not forget our artifact! 【Liu Po Oil Spicy】Trust me! Put 一秒变好吃! No exaggeration at all! Very fragrant! Pair it with a mecojuice tea! so perfect!

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【亚米厨房】 豆角焖面➕一秒变好吃神器