【Cute pink snail powder】 The magical Liuquan Grand Voyage actually has such a cute pink packaging! So cute! The already delicious snail powder is even better in pink packaging! There are lovely words on each ingredient package inside: "Vinegar" is great, and the wonderful pen "Shenghua" (peanut 🥜 bag) is fun and delicious! Generally, I soak the powder first, which will save the time of cooking the powder! The ingredients inside are very large and rich, and there are a lot of snail meat! I added some more cabbage and nori in it, happy! Very satisfied! # 亚米晒单 #
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【可爱粉色螺蛳粉】 神奇的柳全大航海居然有了这么可爱的粉色包装!太可爱了!本来就这么好吃的螺蛳粉在粉色包装下更能提升使用感受啦! 里面的每一个食材包装上面都有可爱的话语: “醋”意大发,妙笔“生花”(花生🥜袋)又有趣又好吃! 一般,我都先泡粉,会比较省煮粉的时间!里面的料包非常大的丰富,螺蛳肉也多! 我在里面又加了些白菜和紫菜,开心!特别满足!# 亚米晒单 #