[完美日记 fog dream Glaze Lip Color Test series] popular color # 高颜值美妆 # # 完美日记 # # 疫情宅家 # # 沉迷口红 日渐好看 # The main feature of this series is the matte feeling from the lip glaze, and every color in the series is very interesting~ 704 Twilight whispers: The most, most, most favorite color among these, the bean paste is filled with powder, which is gentle and outrageous, with a nude makeup feeling, very daily ~ a hazy matte feeling on the mouth, but not at all Pull it dry, I really love it! Too beautiful! 708 Maple Sugar Dreamland: It is a little redder than 704. The color of maple leaves makes people look good, showing white teeth and white face! A little makeup will be very feminine; Countess of 904: This name sounds very aura hahahaha, it is orange, not suitable for yellow skin (my white skin is slightly yellowish), Miss white skin will look very good when painted, Japanese beauty; 905 Beast Party: Brick red, really scented! Very, very moisturizing, like a moisturizing chilli; 906 The Stranger: Eat Earthy Colors! Standard eat earth color! I am very envious of girls who can control the color of the earth. My lips are painted in the color of the earth, which is very ugly. The fairy who likes to eat the earth must enter! 922 Autumn Whisper: Officially, it is maple leaf color, but I think it is more pig liver red, which is a very, very beautiful kind of pig liver red. In general, the texture of this series is very magical, it is very smooth when applied, and it becomes matte in a second, and the sense of luxury is up! 927 Rose Mark: My birth color! Plum color! Very white and bright! The whole person is a young and beautiful little princess, and this color is simply blush and smear on the face! Nars Orgasm replacement? Recommend everyone to try it!
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Yamiセレクション 【完美日记雾色梦境唇釉系列】热门色号试色# 高颜值美妆 # # 完美日记 # # 疫情宅家 # # 沉迷口红 日渐好看 # 这个系列主打的是从唇釉的雾面感,系列里的每个颜色都很有意思~ 704暮日轻喃:这几支里面最最最最最最喜欢的颜色,豆沙里面透着粉,温柔的不像话,裸妆感,非常日常~上嘴朦胧的雾面感,但是完全不会拔干,真的是爱了!太好看了! 708枫糖梦境:比704红一些,枫叶的颜色,让人看起来气色很好,显牙白显脸白!稍稍带些妆会很有女性魅力; 904伯爵夫人:这个名字听着很有气场了吧哈哈哈哈,偏橘色,不太适合黄皮(本人白皮稍稍偏黄),白皮小姐姐涂出来会非常好看,日系美女; 905野兽派对:砖红色,真香色!非常非常滋润,有种滋润版chilli的感觉; 906异乡旅人:吃土色!标准吃土色!非常羡慕能驾驭吃土色的女生,我的唇形涂吃土色非常不好看,喜欢吃土色的仙女一定要入! 922秋日私语:官方说是枫叶色,但我觉得比较偏猪肝红,是非常非常美的那种猪肝红。总体而言这个系列质地非常神奇,涂的时候很顺滑,一秒钟就雾面了,高级感up up! 927蔷薇印记:我的本命色!梅果色!非常显牙白,而且是亮白!整个人就是年轻靓丽的小公主,而且这个颜色做腮红抹脸上简直了!Nars Orgasm平替?推荐大家试试哟!