Swimming shrimp purchased by Yami Fresh. Affordable and delicious, I bought six servings in one go, and the amount is very large The shrimp oil is really super, and the soup is golden After my teammates made it, I looked at the color and thought I put tomatoes Picture 2 is the seafood glutinous rice made with glutinous rice, it's so delicious that I can't stop it # 一食三餐亚米全包 #
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Yamiセレクション 亚米生鲜买的游水虾. 实惠又好吃,一口气买了六份,量很足 虾油真的超级多,汤汁都是金灿灿的 队友做好后我看颜色还以为放了西红柿 图二是和糯米一起做出来的海鲜糯米饭,好吃到停不下来# 一食三餐亚米全包 #