Yami out of the box


      This time I took advantage of the 10% discount to place two more orders. The first order has already arrived, and the logistics is very fast. It's too high, and I love rose-flavored food, so I must try it, and sure enough, the rose-flavored drink is the best! ~! ~   

      Cherry Blossom White Grape Soda The white grape flavor is very strong, and the cherry blossom flavor is not obvious, which is quite satisfactory.

      Minions have always been my favorite, so I bought them and tried them, but I was disappointed that there was only a thin slice of chocolate waffles in them, and there was also a small sticker. It's not my favorite model, it's a bit like opening the blind box.

     Every year when I go back to China, I buy vegetarian MSG near my home temple to eat. If I can’t go back this year, I will try this mushroom MSG. I hope there will be surprises.

     I also want to try ginseng shampoo and eye cream, because I ran out of shampoo and eye cream, and I don’t like to use one all the time, so I want to try it.

    Yisi's facial cleanser is also considered to be stocked up. After all, I have not used up my current facial cleanser, but I like Yisi very much. The first time I heard about it, it seemed like it was five or six years ago. , I was a sample of Yisi BB Cream when I bought something in Dahua, but after using it, I was shocked. I used Yisi's BB cream for the next three or four years. I hesitated to start, I hope you don't let me down!

   Since the epidemic started, I can’t go to work. It’s really convenient to buy and buy online at Yamibuy, but my wallet also feels empty. I hope Yamibuy can offer more discounts Are the coupons any good? ~! ~😁


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