# 西北 # # 新疆炒米粉 # Bionic 西北Will there be a cup of electronic milk beer that can't be drunk no matter what? As a 西北 girl who lives in Lanzhou and Karamay, the joy of summer is when I can’t eat and I’m too lazy to start a fire, I have a whole bowl of wide noodles/liangpi/rice noodles! ! Fragrant, spicy and refreshing, with some green vegetables and drinks, it seems to be back in the summer vacation when we order takeaways every night at 8 or 9 o'clock hahahaha If one day Yamibuy has a milk beer girl, I will definitely buy it by the box!
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Yamiセレクション # 西北 # # 新疆炒米粉 # 仿生西北人的梦里会不会有一杯怎么喝也喝不完的电子奶啤? 作为家在兰州和克拉玛依的西北女孩,夏天的快乐就是吃不下饭又懒得动火的时候,整一碗宽粉/凉皮/米粉!!又香又辣又爽口,配点青菜和饮料,仿佛回到了暑假每晚八九点叫外卖的日子哈哈哈哈 如果有一天亚米网有奶啤卖姑娘我一定按箱买!