# 2020新年flag # Check in in August. During the epidemic, I ate it into a bucket waist. Three months later. My waist finally came back. Although it has not returned to Xiaoman waist. But I can drink it. Haha. I don't know if you have watched "Creation Camp 2020". Every time I see the ladies inside drinking Mengniu Chunzhen Xiaoman waist yogurt. I also want to be very hungry. Some time ago, Yami finally saw this yogurt. Bought a few bottles to try. I prefer the red grapefruit flavor for now. The bottle design is the same as the body line. No wonder it is called a small waist. But seriously. It feels tiny in the hand. Just a few sips and it's gone. The price is 2.99. I personally think it is a little expensive. But it tastes pretty good. Compared with An Muxi, it is not as thick as An Muxi. I prefer the small waist. The sweetness of the red grapefruit flavor is just right. The entrance is smooth and mellow. If you haven't tried it, you can try it. After all, such a famous product. Still have to try "Zhang Zhang posture"
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Yamiセレクション # 2020新年flag # 8月打卡.疫情期间吃成了水桶腰. 三个月后.我的腰终于回来了. 虽然还没回到小蛮腰. 但是我可以喝出来呀.哈哈. 不知道大家有没有看“创造营2020”. 每次看见里面的小姐姐们喝着蒙牛纯甄小蛮腰酸奶. 我也超想馋馋的. 前段时间亚米上终于也看见这款酸奶了. 立马买几瓶试试了. 我暂时比较爱红西柚味. 瓶子设计跟身材线条一样.难怪叫小蛮腰. 但是说真的.握在手上感觉很小只. 喝几口就光光了. 价格2.99.我个人觉得算小贵了. 但是味道蛮不错的. 跟安慕希比起来.没有安慕希那么D稠. 我更爱小蛮腰. 红西柚口味的甜度也是刚刚好. 入口很滑.香醇. 没试过的感觉可以试试. 毕竟这么出名的产品.还是要试试“张张姿势”