Drink up~! ~


   This order is mainly for drinks! ~! ~
    Rose and strawberry flavored flower and fruit light milk. I wanted to try it last time. I bought one each from the blue bottle. I think this is really delicious, and the calories are not too high. This time I took advantage of the discount. One box. At the same time, I will try An Muxi and Chunzhen Xiaoman waist, which are very popular in China. I hope they will be delicious too! ~Shenghetang's Guiling paste has always been my favorite. How can I not try it this time with new flavors. One is bulletproof coffee, one is sea salt cheese, and the other is peach blossom. It's delicious! I also sent 4 sweet-scented osmanthus-flavored chia seeds, and I like them! I really love the soda from Hankou No. 2 Factory. When my domestic friends used to drink it, I was really envious, jealous and hated. This time I bought it as soon as it was in stock. This bottle of sweet-scented osmanthus sour plum juice can be drawn by lot. After drinking, you can scan the QR code at the back to know what signature you have drawn. There is also a cat's head portrait on the front, which is very cute.
    Strange-flavored beans and 3+2 soda sandwich biscuits are my childhood favorites, and I still want to eat them occasionally. Black sesame balls are for early adopters, they look very cute, and every time I eat one, the calories will not be too much. The only thing I took apart and ate two of them today was this tomato-flavored shrimp and fries. It's a bit like the tomato-flavored version of potatoes, but it tastes like shrimp. It's delicious. I will continue to repurchase. Oh, how about potatoes without tomato flavor? I prefer to eat that. hehe~! ! ~
    The logistics of Yamibuy is as fast as always, and I am very satisfied every time. During the epidemic, I really have to empty my wallet. Remember to give discounts often, haha! ~! ~

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