# 被二哥种草了 # Ever since I saw Ah Kuan's claypot rice recommended by the anchor, I have stocked up at home. The anchor's big hair is beautiful and good-looking, and the recommended products can't be wrong. This rice is not only very fragrant, but also has a lot of meat. My dog is so greedy when it smells it. Seeing that I took a few boxes to take pictures, he subconsciously came over and wanted to eat it. This meal really solves my usual busy and lazy itinerary. Sometimes I feel like I have to wait too long for takeout and I don’t want to order it. Take this meal out and add some water and wait for 15 minutes to start eating. Traveling at home Everything is very convenient. The meat in it is quite chewy, and it tastes real meaty. It is just right for one person. If you feel that it is too weak, you can add two spoons of Laoganma, which is very fragrant! A highly recommended product!
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Yamiセレクション # 被二哥种草了 # 自从看了主播的推荐的阿宽煲仔饭,家里就囤了上了一堆。 主播大发又美又好看,推荐的产品准不会错。这款饭不仅特别香,肉还特别多,我家狗狗闻了都馋得不行,见我拿几盒来拍照,已经下意识地走过来想要蹭饭。这款饭真的解决了我平常又忙又懒的行程,外卖什么的有时候觉得要等太久就不想点,这个饭拿出来随便加点水再等上15分钟就可以开吃了,居家旅游什么的都特别方便,它里面的肉还挺有嚼劲,吃得出来是真实的肉感,饭量来说一个人刚刚好,如果觉得淡了可以加两勺老干妈,特香! 极力推荐的一款产品!