Come to a bowl of fried cold noodles # 亚米食谱 # Egg lacto-vegetarian, used a whole pack of ten cold noodles Cut vegetarian ham into large strips, scrambled eggs, diced Qingjiang vegetables, shredded carrots, stir-fry, add sauce packs, the essence is to add soybean paste, then add cold noodles torn into strips, add some hot water, cook for a few minutes, When the water is dry, fry and fry, and you can cook.
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来一碗炒着吃的烤冷面# 亚米食谱 # 蛋奶素,用了一整包烤冷面十张 素火腿切大块条,炒鸡蛋,青江菜丁,胡萝卜丝,炒炒,加酱包,精华是自己要加黄豆酱,然后加入撕成条的冷面,加点热水,煮来你分钟,水干了在炒炒,就可以出锅。