# 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 # During Chinese New Year, I always want to eat noodles. Noodles are now also available on Yami, It can only be said that Yami is full of surprises and sufficient supply, and you can like it manually 👍 The noodles are made by hand, made from buckwheat, The whole plain noodles line advertises no additives, natural low-calorie, healthy and delicious. Vegetarians can also use it with peace of mind. A pack of about 4-5 noodles, This time, I cooked about two servings, just enough for two people. stewed angelica mutton, At this time, add the noodles and eat it together to enhance the deliciousness. In winter, you can eat a bowl of hot angelica mutton noodles, The stomach is warm and the heart is warm.
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Yamiセレクション # 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 # 過年期間都會想要吃麵線, 在亞米上現在也可以買到麵線, 只能說亞米上無奇不有、貨源充足,手動點讚👍 麵線由手工製造,由蕎麥製造, 全素麵線標榜無添加、天然低卡健康又美味, 吃素者也可以安心使用。 一包約有4-5把麵線份量, 這次煮了約兩把份量剛好夠兩人吃。 燉了當歸羊肉, 這時再放入麵線一起吃讓美味升等, 冬天能吃一碗熱呼呼的當歸羊肉麵線, 胃暖心也暖呼呼的。