Yami repurchase plus test new

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     Lay's baked chicken wing-flavored potato chips are very delicious. Several stores around me are out of stock. When I see Yami's, I must place an order immediately! ~

     This dried jackfruit is also the best among the several brands I have eaten. It is crispy and sweet, especially the darker the sweeter.

     Because I don’t like vegetables very much, I bought some green juice to supplement the vegetable fiber. I saw that the friends in the comments all got the shaker cup. I don’t know if it was given randomly. Anyway, I didn’t have one. ,sad! ~

    Milk dates are too hot on the Internet, and it’s just like eating in your mouth. It’s not that special and delicious. The packaging is different from the one posted on the Internet, a bit like Sanwu The packaging of the product does not even have a serious ingredient list on the back, which is a bit disappointing.

    This brand of Orleans grilled wings, some people say that the taste is very similar to KFC after baking, buy it and try it.

    Low-calorie jelly is delicious, but the unit price is a little expensive.

    Yogurt hawthorn balls, I think it may taste similar to yogurt raisins. But when I eat it in my mouth, it feels quite strange. The yogurt skin is a little sour. I chew the hawthorn and yogurt together, and the taste is not obvious. I will not repurchase after eating it


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