[Super Moisturizing] A pack of mask with 25g essence will keep your skin hydrated! This time, the mask I will introduce to you is my daily must-have: UTENA Gold Gel Mask 🤩 There is a lot of essence in this pack, which can be applied on the neck and hands, and it is impossible to absorb all the essence at one time! 😎 I have combination skin and my forehead and nose are often oily. Especially now in winter, when the heating is turned on at home, the humidity of the air is not enough, so it is necessary to use more moisturizing masks to lay a good foundation for the basic layer of the skin, so as to suppress the oil on the nose and forehead. 🤩 The advantage of this mask is that in addition to having 25g of essence, the texture of the mask is gel-like. Even if you fall asleep accidentally after applying it for a long time, you are not afraid of being absorbed by the mask paper. 🤗 🤔Which one do I recommend the most? There are four kinds of masks in total, suitable for different skin types, but I recommend the red packaging the most, which is specially for oily skin and contains 25g of moisturizing essence. 🥰 🤔 When is it recommended to use it? Since there are too many essences, it is recommended to use before going to bed. I usually use it after a shower, the pores will expand and the essence will absorb more easily. 😴 After using the above-mentioned masks, I always feel that the skin on my face is full of elasticity and full of water! 🙆🏽‍♀️ # 面膜解说员 # # 双十一必囤 # # 换季护肤 # # 亚米年度美妆大赏 # # 面膜控 #
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[超級保濕]一包有25g精華的面膜,讓你的皮膚飲飽水! 這次為大家介紹的面膜,是我日常必備: UTENA 黃金啫喱面膜🤩 這一包面膜里有很多精華,可以敷在頸和手上,根本是無法一次性把全部精華都吸收掉!😎 小編的皮膚是混合性,額頭和鼻子經常性泛油。特別是現在冬天,家裡又開了暖氣,空氣的濕度不足夠,便要多用保濕的面膜,為皮膚基層打好基礎,才能夠抑制鼻子和額頭上的油。🤩 這個面膜的優點,除了是擁有25g的精華之外,面膜的質地是啫喱狀。就算敷過了時間,一不小心睡著覺,也不怕被面膜紙反吸收。🤗 🤔我最推介哪一款? 一共有四種面膜,適合不同的肌膚,但我最推介紅色包裝,專門給油性皮膚,內含25g的保濕精華。🥰 🤔建議什麼時候使用? 由於太多精華,建議睡前使用。我就通常會在洗澡後使用,毛孔會擴張,更容易吸收精華。😴 當用完以上介紹的面膜,我都會感覺到臉部皮膚充滿彈性,喝飽水!🙆🏽‍♀️ # 面膜解说员 # # 双十一必囤 # # 换季护肤 # # 亚米年度美妆大赏 # # 面膜控 #