# Happy order Happy life! #Xiang Piao Paio Meco zero-fat selected fruit tea is made with fresh oolong tea and real juice. The ingredients include peaches, apples, red grapefruit and oolong tea. It is said that every cup of fruit tea contains 10% pure natural fruit juice. The part of oolong tea is extracted at a constant temperature of 80 degrees, and then placed in an aseptic cold can at 21 degrees. The packaging is really deep in my heart, and the hygiene is done very well. Before opening the cup, there is a tough lid. A straw can be inserted into the lid. You can smell the strong peach nectar as soon as you open it! Don't think the tea is bitter, but it's not astringent at all. I think the taste of grapefruit and apple is not easy to drink, but the taste of 🍑 and oolong tea has a strong scent, the sweetness is moderate, strongly recommended 👍