Recently, I suddenly wanted to eat Vietnamese soup noodle soup. Due to the limited time and I didn’t want to go to the supermarket myself, I ordered Yami Fresh this time. Fresh food is purchased and shipped from supermarkets with good luck in Hong Kong. The overall experience is very good. I like it manually 👍👍 🌷Ingredient selection 🌷 The types of ingredients cannot be compared with going to the supermarket directly, but I can buy all the ingredients I want to make. The serving size is slightly larger for family style, and individuals may need to consider purchasing. Most of the ingredients are very fresh, and there is no sudden shortage of products which is a big advantage. 🌷Transportation & Packaging🌷 Order on the same day and deliver at about 1 o'clock the next day, fast! Fresh food is well packaged and neatly placed in the box, with ice packs and ice blocks to keep the ingredients fresh. The weather has been a little hot lately but the food was cold when it was delivered. 🌷 今日份家常菜🌷 I made Vietnamese pho this time, and I ate a big satisfaction 😍 I made a big bone soup with the bones I bought from Yami, and I used a little fish sauce, several slices of ginger, one onion, several star anise, cinnamon cardamom , coriander went to boil the soup, spent an hour and a half simmering the beef brisket slices bought by Yami, put them in a bowl (you can also use hot pot beef slices instead), put on bean sprouts, nine-story tower, lime, a little pepper and you can start La! # 今日份家常菜 #
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Yamiセレクション 最近突然很想吃越南湯河粉,由於時間有限又不想自己跑超市,這次就直接叫了亞米生鮮。生鮮是跟香港好運來超市購買與出貨,總體經驗都很好,手動點讚👍👍 🌷食材選擇🌷 食材種類無法跟直接去超市比較,但我要做的食材都有買到。份量屬於家庭式份量稍微多些,個人可能需要斟酌購買。食材大部分都非常新鮮,也沒有突然哪樣產品突然缺貨算是大優點。 🌷運輸 & 包裝🌷 當天下單、隔天約一點就送到,神速! 生鮮都包裝的好好的、整齊的擺放在箱子內,有保冰袋和冰磚保持食材的新鮮。最近天氣稍熱但食材送到時都是冰涼涼的。 🌷 今日份家常菜🌷 這次做了越南河粉,吃了一口大滿足😍 用亞米上面買的骨頭熬了大骨湯、在用少許魚露、薑片數片、洋蔥一顆、八角數顆、cinnamon cardamom、coriander去熬了湯汁,花了一小時半燉煮好亞米買的牛腩切片後擺入碗中 (也可用火鍋牛肉片代替),搭上豆芽、九層塔、lime、少許辣椒後就可以開動啦! # 今日份家常菜 #