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1. This order is mainly to buy three and a half meals of coffee. It really took a long time to get the goods. I am so happy, so it deserves a beautiful photo by itself. No. 1 to No. 6 range from sour to bitter. I personally like the taste after No. 3. I like to make a little hot water first, then smell its aroma, and then taste a little bit of its own taste, and then add high-protein milk and The sugar-free hazelnut flavored coffee companion is so delicious~! ! ~
2. I like to eat flower cakes very much, so I will buy them from every brand. The rose-flavored ones in this brand are a bit better than the jasmine ones, but the best rose flower cakes are the Pan Xiangji I bought in the previous list, that one. It's closer to the newly baked taste I bought in China. So far, there is no one that can compare with Pan Xiangji.
3. Kitkat has a cherry blossom flavor and a tiramisu flavor. I prefer tiramisu flavor. There is a layer of cheese in it, which adds a rich taste. It really feels like tiramisu eating matcha. The cherry blossom flavor is very general, except sweet or sweet, without any flower flavor
4. The vegetable noodles are repurchased for the second time, and I have already bought the last order. Three Squirrels' tomato-flavored potato chips, because they are thick-cut, are very thick, and the tomato flavor is super average. I won't repurchase them again, but the fried rice is very delicious. I will buy them again after restocking.
5. Zhiweiguan's egg yolk cake is quite satisfactory. There are two in a box. It is not bad to have complete egg yolks, but the taste is the same, there is no surprise.
6. Orleans roasted fins and marshmallows are made of thunder. When I received the roasted fins, half the bottle was already agglomerated, but the shelf life has not passed. In the spirit of not wasting, I still used it once. But it's not delicious, and it's not as delicious as the bears that I bought before. The first thing about the marshmallow is that I didn't take a good look at the product picture. I thought it would be a small piece, but when I opened it, it turned out to be a big lump, scattered with sporadic passion fruit, and it was very sweet. In the end these two products can only be fed to the trash can!
Looking forward to the next order!

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