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1. Have you seen the familiar three-and-a-half again? Yes, grab another box while it's in stock

2. Vegetarian tripe is delicious, but a little oily. In order to make up the order, I added the shenghetang ginseng honey tortoise paste that has been repurchased countless times. The chocolate from Fujiya is my daughter’s favorite, so I bought another one for her to give to her friends

3. The sun glutinous rice, which is a little different from what I ate when I was a child, I still like the three squirrels' rice porridge, and wait for the replenishment

4. I haven't eaten the sweet-scented osmanthus cake, because I have been controlling sugar for the past two weeks, and I don't eat any added sugar. I want to see how my body can change. There are 5 grams of added sugar in this sweet-scented osmanthus cake, so let's put it aside for now and save it for next week's birthday. I haven't used the cumin powder, because the bag at home has not been used up, and I will write a review when it is used up

5. The most disappointing instant noodles, because the shelf life is too short, only until October this year, I bought it for emergency use, I originally hoped that the quality can be guaranteed until next year, but it was only until October , it seems that I have to eat one packet a month

Just received the email. Two of my favorite items have been replenished. It seems that I have to add another order tonight

#今天也是yami的一天##亚米真的6##开箱大吉##2020亚米惊喜瞬间##开箱大吉 牛转钱坤#

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#今天也是yami的一天##亚米真的6##开箱大吉##2020亚米惊喜瞬间##开箱大吉 牛转钱坤#