# 夏日清凉 In summer, this aroma pot is used very frequently love to eat barbecue wrap in lettuce Zizi dripping oil, meat and spicy flavor, the dish is crispy It tastes super rich After eating, put some butter, kimchi and rice in it Isn't it "stone pot" bibimbap? simply perfect
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Yamiセレクション # 夏日清凉 ## 一秒变好吃 # # 今日份家常菜 # 夏天 这个aroma的锅用的 好频繁 就爱吃烤肉 用生菜包起来 滋滋滴油 肉麻辣味的 菜是脆口的 吃起来 层次感超级丰富 吃完 放点黄油 泡菜 米饭进去 不就是 “石锅”拌饭吗 简直完美