This brand of Ranli's cakes is really delicious. You can buy such delicious cakes on In addition to this tiger skin cake, Ranli also has Ranli Guzao cake, but I didn't grab the ancient cake some time ago, it doesn't matter, there will be opportunities in the future, haha. ❤Not only delicious, but also quite large, quite thick, soft and tight in texture, the texture of the tiger skin is very beautiful, the cake has 3 layers, the tiger skin layer, and the yellow one next to the tiger skin layer is darker, and then the main cake The yellow is lighter, and there is a layer of probiotic bacteria in the middle, as shown in Figure 3, so there are 4 layers in total. So it's perfect for breakfast, such a big piece of cake, with probiotics, in the summer heat, to help with the digestion of the day, start with breakfast. # 夏日清凉 # # 亚米商城6周年 #
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这个牌子然利的蛋糕真的太好吃了,能在亚米网买到这么好吃的蛋糕❤。然利除了这款虎皮蛋糕,还有然利古早蛋糕,可是前段时间没抢到古早蛋糕,没关系,以后还有机会,哈哈。 ❤不仅好吃,还蛮大一个,挺厚实,质地柔软又紧密,虎皮纹路做得很漂亮,蛋糕有3层,虎皮一层,紧靠虎皮一层黄色深一点,然后是主体蛋糕黄色浅一点,中间还有一层益生菌夹层,如图3清晰可见,这样算来一共4层了。 所以作为早餐太完美了,这么大一块蛋糕,配上益生菌,夏日炎热,帮助一天的消化,从早餐开始。 # 夏日清凉 # # 亚米商城6周年 #