# 亚米商城6周年 #wugumofang red bean and barley pills, health care and dehumidification anytime, anywhere‼ ️ The barley and red bean powder of Wugu Mill is very famous in China Everyone knows that barley and red beans are good products for removing dampness. But sometimes the powder is too troublesome So I entered this red bean barley pill co-branded with the Palace Museum Packaging is pink very beautiful antique Each red bean barley ball All individually packaged in tin foil Hygienic and safe Each ball is made of Northeast Chixiaodou, Xingren barley, Guangdong dried tangerine peel, Anhui Poria, and Guangxi yam. Added a little maltose syrup and white sesame seeds Modulated through dozens of processes little one It tastes very soft and fragrant moderate sweetness Eat 1-3 times a day 1-2 tablets each time Supplement nutrition anytime, anywhere maintain good health Worth a try‼ ️‼ ️ # 夏日清凉 #
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Yamiセレクション # 亚米商城6周年 #五谷磨坊赤小豆薏米丸,随时随地养生祛湿‼️ 五谷磨坊的薏米红豆粉在国内非常有名 大家都知道薏米红豆是祛湿良品 但有时候会嫌泡粉太麻烦 于是入了这款与故宫博物院联名的赤小豆薏米丸 包装呈粉红色 非常精美 古香古色 每一颗赤小豆薏米丸 都采用独立锡纸包装 卫生又安心 每颗丸子选用东北赤小豆、兴仁薏米、广东陈皮、安徽茯苓、广西山药 添加了少许麦芽糖浆和白芝麻 经过数十道工序调制而成 小小一颗 吃起来非常绵软清香 甜度适中 每天可以吃1-3次 每次1-2颗 随时随地补充营养 维持身体健康 值得一试哦‼️‼️ # 夏日清凉 #