In the hot summer, I didn't want to cook, so I cooked the golden dry hot dry noodles. The noodles are dry alkaline water noodles that boil well. The ingredients are rich in sesame paste, chili oil, and sour beans. After mixing well, each noodle is covered with sauce, fragrant and spicy, mixed with the aroma of sesame sauce, delicious! # 夏日清凉 #
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炎炎夏日不想下厨做饭,就煮了金牌干溜的热干面。 面条是干的碱水面,很好煮开。料包有芝麻酱、辣椒油、酸豆角,比较丰富。拌匀后每根面条都裹满了酱汁,又香又辣,混合着芝麻酱的香味,好吃! # 夏日清凉 #