# 亚米返校季 ## 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 即食美味 # # 温暖小厨房 # Haidilao tomato base self-heating pot The self-heating pot is very big, but I still cook it myself (it can be used later) There are two cabbages in it (why there are quite a lot) inside are potatoes, lotus root, seaweed and bamboo shoots (some are very old and hard to chew), so there is a package of ingredients and fans The material is very strong tomato flavor, a little salty, I personally think Rinse the dish with water first (to remove the psychological effect of preservatives) Then they cooked together (the fans were eaten by me before) and put some balls in, but the balls I made were all broken as soon as I cooked But the soup is good It's not bad except that it's a bit salty and then served with pancakes overall very convenient
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Yamiセレクション # 亚米返校季 ## 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 即食美味 # # 温暖小厨房 # 海底捞 番茄底料 自热锅 自热锅很大 但是还是自己煮了一下(过留着以后也行用得着) 里面有两包菜(为什么有两包 还挺多的)里面是土豆 藕 海带 笋(有的 很老 不好嚼) 好有一包料 和粉丝 料是很浓郁的番茄味 有点咸 个人觉得 先把菜用水涮一下(去去防腐剂 心理作用) 然后一起煮(粉丝之前被我吃了)下了点丸子进去 结果自己做的丸子 一煮就全碎了 不过汤还不错 全喝了 除了咸了点 后来配上饼子 还不错 总体来说很方便