Yami third party Direct Shipping from Japan over $99 Ships in Japan on Tuesday, received in the US on Friday Pretty fast and well packaged Recommended Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Liquid Gum Every minor wound is applied immediately The first hit will be very stinging Disinfect bacteria Can be wet after drying. wounds heal quickly Stock up every time, share with friends and family, one per person
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亚米第三方 日本满99刀直邮 周二日本发货 周五美国就收到货了 相当的快速 包装也很好 推荐 小林制药 液体创可胶 每次小型创伤 都会立即涂上 第一下会很刺痛 消毒细菌 干透后 可以湿水。伤口愈合的很快 每次都要囤货 分享给朋友家人 一人一支