# 独家懒人快手菜谱 # Recently, I have been thinking about food in the cold weather. I started with Liupo Chili Noodles, which has been planted by other Jimei people for a long time. Everyone's recommendations are very good. It is really a very versatile sauce package! It looks like it's hot, but it's actually just a little bit spicy. It's a little spicy when used to season everything, and everything is delicious. Try it and become a customer series. (I just don’t know why it’s called chili noodles, I didn’t see noodles made of chili 😤) I used it to fry a shredded potato last night. The shredded potato itself has a refreshing texture. With the soul sauce, I can't help but take two more bites of rice. The method is also extremely simple! 🔆 Peel the shredded potatoes, shred them, and soak them in salt water to avoid blackening. Boil shredded potatoes in boiling water for about 1 minute, drain and set aside. Sauté some garlic, chili noodles, sugar, and salt in a pan until fragrant, add shredded potatoes and stir-fry until cooked.
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Yamiセレクション # 独家懒人快手菜谱 # 最近天冷一直心念念🔥🔥食物,入手被其他集美们种草许久的六婆辣椒面,大家的推荐都好棒,真的是无比百搭酱料包!看起来仿佛很火辣,但是其实只是一丁点的辣,用来调味什么都有点香香辣辣地,做什么都好吃,一试成主顾系列。 (只是不知道为什么要叫辣椒面,没看到辣椒做成的面啊 😤) 昨晚用它炒了个土豆丝,土豆丝本身的弹牙清爽,配上灵魂酱料,真会忍不住多扒两口饭。做法也简单无比! 🔆 土豆丝削皮后切丝,泡盐水避免发黑。起锅滚水烫土豆丝约1分钟时间捞出沥干备用。下油锅爆香些许蒜、辣椒面、糖、盐,加入土豆丝炒熟起锅。