# 为所爱 放肆嗨 # Some time ago, I bought a pack of octopus balls in a Japanese supermarket It's about $7-8, there are 18 in it And it's huge Great deal Buy $7 outside for only six 🙄 . With octopus balls, of course, the sauce cannot be lacking So I found a special sauce for octopus balls on Yamibuy: $4.29 There are also wooden fish fillets on yami but i don't like to eat It's not worth buying a big pack . In addition, I also bought the bibimbap artifact to eat with seaweed sesame and mayonnaise Not to mention mayonnaise It's my favorite sauce It's so delicious together Octopus balls with sweet sauce . You can also put some of these sauces on your sandwiches Don't worry about wasting these sauces after eating octopus balls once
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Yamiセレクション # 为所爱 放肆嗨 # 前段时间在日本超市买了包章鱼小丸子 大概是$7-8,里面有18颗 而且还是超大颗 太划算了 在外面买$7只有六颗🙄 . 有了章鱼小丸子当然不能缺少酱汁 于是就搜到亚米网上有章鱼丸子专用的酱汁:$4.29 亚米上也有木鱼片 但我不怎么爱吃 买一大包有点不划算 . 另外我还买了拌饭神器海苔芝麻和美乃滋搭配着吃 美乃滋就不多说了 是我最爱的酱了 搭配起来太好吃了 章鱼丸子酱甜甜的 . 平时做三明治吃也可以放点这些酱汁 一点也不用担心吃一次章鱼丸子就买这些酱汁浪费