It is recommended that every fairy should have [PWU Simple and Beautiful Mouthwash]🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️ The light of domestic products is simple and beautiful ✨ the whole #为所爱 放肆嗨 #lovelive! ❤️ I bought three flavors of this mouthwash in one go: Mint Mojito 🍹 Rose Lychee 🌹 Icy Watermelon 🍉 My favorite is the taste of mojito, it has been used up~ Every scent is so fresh and refreshing! The introduction is that this mouthwash is 0⃣️ alcohol, and has a 99.9% antibacterial rate 🦠 can prevent moths and protect gums 🦷 It is really suitable for players like me who are morning C☕️ night A🍷 and drink milk tea every day🥤 ! Usually, one will come directly after lunch. When you spit it out, you can still see food residues, and you feel clean again! The smell is still quite long-lasting. After rinsing at noon, when I chatted with my colleagues in the afternoon, my colleagues said that I could still smell the faint fragrance 🌸 There are large bottles and individual packs. Go out to play with your friends and put one in your bag that doesn't take up any space at all, and develop a good habit of gargling your mouth~
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Yamiセレクション 建议每个仙女都要拥有的【PWU朴物大美漱口水】🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️ 国货之光朴物大美✨整个# 为所爱 放肆嗨 #爱住!❤️ 这个漱口水我是一口气买了三种味道:薄荷莫吉托🍹玫瑰荔枝🌹冰爽西瓜🍉 最喜欢的就是莫吉托的味道,已经用完了~ 每一种味道都非常的清新,让人觉得心旷神怡!介绍是说这款漱口水是0⃣️酒精的,还有99.9%的抑菌率🦠可以防蛀护龈🦷真的太适合我这种早C☕️晚A🍷还天天都要喝奶茶🥤的选手了! 一般吃完午饭之后会直接来一条,吐出来的时候还是可以看到食物残渣的,感觉自己又干净了! 味道的话感觉还是蛮持久的,中午漱完口下午跟同事聊天的时候同事说还是可以闻到隐隐约约香香的味道🌸 有大瓶装的和独立一条条包装的。跟朋友出去玩放一条在包里完全不占地方的,养成漱口好习惯哦~