#为所爱 放肆嗨 #Chitose candy that only the beloved baby can eat🥰🥰 You can search for [Japanese 753 Festival Special Chitose Candy] Very traditional Japanese packaging, with a hand ring at the top~ When I first got it, I thought I was carrying a bag of vermicelli. . When I opened the package, there were three bunny candies (well, the Japanese really like to over-package it...) 🐰🐰 But it is really cute! There is a little rabbit in the middle of each candy bar, and when the candy is cut, each side is also a little rabbit. It's just a normal candy taste, not very sweet~ You can linger all day 🍭 This kind of candy is bought by elders in Japan for their children to eat, which means that children can live a long and healthy life! Sure enough, someone's beloved child has candy to eat~ It's the festival season, and this pack is only 10 yuan 💰 You can buy more and give it away! The packaging is beautiful and the meaning is also very good 🎁
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Yamiセレクション # 为所爱 放肆嗨 #只有被爱的小宝贝才会吃到的千岁糖🥰🥰 大家可以去搜索【日本753节日特供千岁糖】 非常日式传统的包装,顶部还有个手提环~我当时刚拿到的时候还以为拎了一袋挂面来。。 打开包装就是三条兔子糖(嗯,日本人果然喜欢过度包装呀。。。)🐰🐰 但是确实是可爱的!每一条糖中间都是一只小兔子,把糖切开每个切面也都是小兔子。就是正常的糖味,没有很甜~可以嗦一整天🍭 这种糖在日本是长辈买给自己的孩子吃的,寓意孩子可以健康长寿!果然是有人爱的孩子有糖吃呀~现在是节日季节,这一包也就十块💰可以多买点送人!包装好看寓意也很好🎁