The Yami Express received this morning, and the sesame oil seaweed is a good choice for wrapping rice or snacks! Japanese Chocolate Chip Cookies, beautifully packaged, biscuits chocolate is rich and smooth, crispy and delicious, a great snack. Original soy milk, soy-flavored, smooth and sweet, a great soy milk. Happy unboxing! # 2022双节快乐 #
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今天早上收的亚米快递,香油海苔用来包饭或者零食都是很不错的选择!日本巧克力饼干,包装精美,饼干巧克力香浓顺滑、香脆可口,很棒的零食。原味豆浆,豆味香浓,顺滑香甜,很棒的一款豆浆。拆箱愉快! # 2022双节快乐 #