I must share with you this [Alishan Q Cake] that I bought with huge sums of money. In fact, I saw that the price was discouraged at the time, but my friends in Taiwan told me that this is really delicious! It's Taiwan's champion cake 🏆 and if you don't buy it during Chinese New Year, you may not be able to buy it at ordinary times, so I just bite my teeth and buy it 🥲 Then I felt that I really didn't spend that money in vain! The little bunny on the packaging bag is really cute, so is that why it is called Q cake? 🤣 Each piece of cake is heavy in my hand! It's like a big black sesame cake with a lot of weight~ I took a bite and found that it was really full of fillings! Inside are Alishan black hair pork floss + red earth salted duck egg yolk + soft glutinous mochi that can be pulled! There is also Pingtung Wandan red bean paste~ Really every bite has a different ingredient😋 I suddenly feel that my money is worth it! Let's have a piece of cake and a glass of milk in the morning. It's really full~ It's really good to stock up a few boxes for New Year's goods! 👍🏻🧧🎁# 年货好物种草指南 #
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Yamiセレクション 一定要跟大家分享这款我斥巨资买的【阿里山Q饼】其实当时看到价格有被劝退,但是我台湾的朋友告诉我这个真的很好吃!是台湾的冠军饼🏆而且过年的时候不买可能平时也买不到,我就咬咬牙买了🥲 然后就觉得自己真的没有白花那个钱!包装袋子上的小兔子真的好可爱,所以是这样才叫Q饼的吗?🤣 每一块饼捧在手上沉甸甸的!像个分量十足的大黑芝麻饼~咬一口才发现里面真的馅料满满!里面分别是阿里山黑毛猪肉松+红土咸鸭蛋黄+可以拉丝儿的软糯麻薯!还有屏东万丹红豆沙~真的是每一口都有不同的料😋突然觉得自己那个钱花的很值! 大家早上来一块儿饼加一杯牛奶,妥妥的饱了~囤几盒做年货真的很不错内!👍🏻🧧🎁# 年货好物种草指南 #