# 年货好物种草指南 # My teammates have a pure Sichuan stomach... I haven't stocked up on snacks for a while. I remembered it at the end of the year and entered the batch. Let's refer to friends who can eat spicy and spicy food. Recommendation: Hot and sour taste of Tang Daren + Sichuan wazi burnt pepper sauce, rice noodles are okay (spiciness Yuan Xian > Sichuan pepper family), Figure 1 salted egg yolk noodles exceeded expectations, Guiling paste + cold cake dessert king, hot pot noodles Let’s not talk about it (the status of the rivers and lakes is very stable), the children’s potato chips and the little raccoon eat a childhood taste, the sandwiched mochi is super love, the Italian coffee is surprisingly delicious, and it’s not bad if it can’t be tagged with the American sour jujube cake, Wei All kinds of dragon snacks (friendly reminder, please don't wear white T to enjoy...) At the moment of unpacking, I felt that it was really time to prepare for the Chinese New Year, and I used the melon and fruit plate!
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Yamiセレクション # 年货好物种草指南 # 队友纯四川胃…有段日子没囤零食啥的了,年底想起来了入了批,给能吃香香辣辣的朋友参考下吧, 推荐:汤达人酸辣味+川娃子烧椒酱,锅巴都还可以(辣度袁鲜>花椒世家),图1咸蛋黄面超出预期,龟苓膏+凉糕 饭后甜点王,火锅粉就不说了(江湖地位很稳),子弟薯片和小浣熊就吃个童年味道,夹心麻薯超爱,意式咖啡也挺意外蛮好喝,与美酸枣糕tag不了也还不错,卫龙各种零食(友情提示请勿穿白T享用…) 拆包裹的那一刻觉得这可真是要准备过年了,瓜果盘都用上了!