# 亚米虎年红包 ## 虎年开箱晒红包 # After introducing coffee, let’s introduce a barley red bean water that has been repurchased for a long time at home I will drink this every two days Really long-term hoarding Coix seed and red bean water has the effect of dispelling dampness If I usually go to boil, I don't have time, I don't have time, I forget The most important thing is sometimes to hate trouble So I really recommend everyone to buy it and try it. Very convenient Each package is divided Take a pack every time You can choose to soak it in hot or cold water, either see personal like I usually drink hot water The smell of it I think is very comfortable to drink Nothing special, just a hint of red bean flavor It doesn't take long Drink it in a few minutes It's just not too convenient Let you easily drink the barley red bean moisturizing water! It is recommended to recommend Ma Ma to have a cup for yourself! 😄
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Yamiセレクション # 亚米虎年红包 ## 虎年开箱晒红包 # 介绍完咖啡再来介绍一款家里长期回购的薏仁红豆水 这款隔两天我就会喝一次 真的是长期囤货 薏仁红豆水有祛湿的作用 平常去熬的话没时间的没时间,忘记的忘记 最主要有时候嫌弃麻烦 所以这款其实很推荐大家买来试试 非常方便 每包里面都是分好的 每次直接拿一包出来 你可以选择热水或者冷水泡它,都可以 看个人喜欢 我平常都是泡热水喝 它的那个味道我觉得喝下去是很舒服的那种 没有什么很特别的味道,就淡淡红豆味 也不用泡很久 泡个几分钟就可以喝了 简直是不要太方便 让你轻轻松松就可以喝上薏仁红豆祛湿水! 推荐推荐麻麻们给自己来一杯!😄