Chen Yunbaoquan Hundreds of Thousands of Taels Gift Box This box is really a collection of all the treasures. It can be called a gift box with hundreds of millions of taels. The hundreds of millions of taels here probably refers to calories😆 🎁 A box contains sun cakes, Yudanbo, egg yolk pastry, macadamia caramel rolls, and pineapples, all of which are classic products produced by the Chen family 👉 Xu Yudanbo used imported raw cheese, white phoenix bean paste, and red bean paste with honey to win the Emperor's Grand Prize when he participated in the competition. It tasted crispy and fragrant on the outside, and the filling was rich and fluffy, which was very layered. 👉 Chen's Sun Cake is my current favorite. It's moderate in size and won't be too greasy after eating. The fragrant and sweet filling and the crispy crust are definitely a symbol of deliciousness. 👉 Although the egg yolk is not as much as the traditional moon cake, the proportion of the egg yolk is just right. The rich bean paste is matched with the appropriate proportion of egg yolk, and it is a good partner for tea. 👉 The caramel is boiled into soft candy, wrapped with fresh macadamia beans, the fragrant and delicious caramel fudge looks sticky but not sticky to the teeth, the soft taste is matched with the soft and crunchy macadamia beans, the creative taste is unlimited 👉 Jietu pineapple cake is similar to the slightly hot hills, sweet and sour, you can taste the silky shape of the pineapple when you chew it, and the delicious original taste is perfectly presented It is highly recommended for everyone to buy, it is suitable for gifts and personal use 👍 # 2022双节快乐 #
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陳允寶泉億萬兩禮盒 這一盒可真是集所有寶藏好物,堪稱擁有它就擁有億 萬兩的禮盒,這裡的億萬兩大概指的是卡路里😆 🎁 一盒裡面包含太陽餅、御丹波、蛋黃酥、夏威夷果焦 糖軋、土鳳梨,每一樣都是陳家出品的經典商品 👉 徐御丹波為參加比賽時得到天皇大賞,使用進口生 乳酪、白鳳豆沙、蜜漬紅豆粒,吃起來外皮酥香,內 餡濃郁鬆鬆軟,非常有層次感 👉 陳家的太陽餅是我目前的最愛,大小適中,吃完 不會過分膩,濃香軟甜的內餡搭配酥的掉渣的外皮, 絕對是美味的象徵 👉 合蛋黃酥蛋黃雖然不如傳統月餅來的多,但是小小 一顆的蛋黃酥比例分配剛剛好,濃郁的豆沙搭配適當 比例蛋黃,又是一道配茶好搭檔 👉 焦糖熬製成軟糖一般, 包裹新鮮的夏威夷豆,香濃可口的焦糖軟糖看似 雖黏膩但不黏牙齒,香軟口感搭配軟脆的夏威夷豆, 創意無限的好滋味 👉 介土鳳梨酥類似微熱山丘口感,酸酸甜甜,咀嚼可 以嚐到土鳳梨的絲狀,美味原味完美呈現 非常推薦大家購買,送禮自用都合適由由 👍 # 2022双节快乐 #