# 入夏必备 # An fast sunscreen spray One of the densest sprays I've ever used, The size is a little small, easy to carry, The SPF is high, Many sunscreens write 50, Ann's lightfastness is 50+, According to the effect of the small gold tube used before The sun protection effect of ANFA 50+ is really good. The sprayed water mist is transparent. But if you spray too much, it will be a little milky white. It is transparent when applied. Not a matte texture, It's a bit oily and shiny. I will press it lightly with a paper towel after the film is formed There will be no oily feel. sunscreen spray for me, It is more commonly used for the follow-up supplementation of sunscreen. It is to be used for subsequent superimposition outdoors. Sprays are more convenient than products such as pastes.
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Yamiセレクション # 入夏必备 # 安耐晒防晒喷雾 是我用过喷雾中最密之一, size有点小,携带方便, 防晒指数很高, 很多防晒品写的是50, 安耐晒它是50+ , 根据以前用的小金管效果来讲 安耐晒50+的防晒效果确实很出色。 喷出的水雾是透明色, 但喷多了也会有点点奶白色, 涂抹开就透明了。 不是哑光质地, 是有点油润光泽感, 我会等成膜后用纸巾轻压一下 就不会有油光感。 防晒喷雾对我来说, 比较常用于防晒后续补充作用, 就是在户外后续叠加使用, 喷雾比膏状等产品更方便。