# 入夏必备 # Summer is all about fragrant from head to toe~ The first time I bought Dessine's washing and care products, I bought it because of its appearance. The perfume bottle looks very nice and tastes different from the shampoo opened in supermarkets. Dessine's beauty series is a fruity fragrance. It is soft and fluffy after washing, and the fragrance is good very long lasting. Desien Repair Series uses multiple organic essential oil raw materials made from natural crops certified by the EU organic certification agency, as well as 18 kinds of amino acid protein substances. Shiny. The beauty repair sequence wash and care insists on 4 major non-additives: no silicone oil, no sulfate, no preservatives, and no synthetic pigments to make the hair healthier and softer. This is my second time to repurchase, and I will share the experience of the empty bottle before: the foam is very dense, the scalp is clean and not dry, and it is very fluffy, soft and smooth after washing, and I love its smell.
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Yamiセレクション # 入夏必备 # 夏天就是要从头到脚都是香香的~ 第一次购买黛丝恩洗护产品是因颜值入手的,香水瓶造型非常好看,味道不同超市开架洗发水,黛丝恩致美系列是果香系香水味,洗后松软蓬松,留香也很持久。 黛丝恩修护系列采用欧盟有机认证机构,所认证的天然作物制成的多重有机精油原料,以及18种氨基酸的蛋白质物质,主打有机摩洛哥精油+美容角蛋白双重组合,让发丝更加饱满、有光泽。 致美修复序列洗护坚持4大不添加:无硅油、无硫酸盐无防腐剂、无合成色素让秀发更健康柔顺。 这是我第二次回购,分享下之前空瓶体验感:泡沫很绵密,头皮清洁很干净不干燥,洗后很蓬松柔软顺滑,最爱它的味道。