# 油茶 # # 兆辉 油茶 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation9168254b4215de 1 # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation9168254b4215de 油茶 I have never heard of or eaten, and the big "stomach needs" on the cover caught my mother's attention! Must try, really good! In the early years of the year, when gastritis broke out, I was very careful about what I ate. I ate more and less food that was difficult to digest. When it came to pain, it was life-threatening! I don’t dare to eat more during the day, eat less and more meals. I only need to eat a little food that is not easy to digest for dinner. It’s the most uncomfortable at night. I often wake up in the middle of the night. 油茶 arrived, sooner or later a small package? With an uneasy heart, I took a pack and tried it, and my stomach didn't feel uncomfortable in the middle of the night! ! ! This 油茶 face➕ monkey mushroom powder, monkey mushroom powder is a good thing, very suitable for those with a bad stomach! The ingredients are all real materials, and you can smell the aroma when you open the package. 红枣甜油茶, contains a variety of grains and nuts. As the name suggests, there are crushed red dates, melon seeds, walnut kernels, and raisins, which are really real materials visible to the naked eye. Real stuff! Originally thought that one pack was one serving, but I didn’t expect it to be ten packs. The operation is simple. It is very smooth to rinse directly with boiling water, and it will not form grains, just like rice paste. So less boiled water is added, and the red dates and bean powder are fragrant, and the smell is very appetizing! The point is that I ate a bowl last night and fell asleep with an uneasy heart, but I didn’t expect any stomach discomfort in the middle of the night! Hey Mai, I finally have a late-night snack to eat! This morning, I made a bag together again. It is really simple and convenient, delicious and nourishing! Eat it for breakfast in the morning, you can soak it a little thinner, and then add some bread or cake to match it, it should be enough. I am a person with a good appetite in the morning, and I eat a lot more. I think this is more delicious than sesame and walnut powder. , and more convenient! I prepare some snacks at home to eat a little far away from time to time. It is also very convenient to take out. I can’t have breakfast in the morning. 🉑️, the price is also very good, a pack of ten small packets is only more than 4 yuan, it can be regarded as a good quality and low price!
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Yamiセレクション # 油茶 # # 兆辉 油茶 # # 红枣甜油茶 # 油茶没听过也没吃过,封面大大的“胃需要”就吸引了老母亲的眼球!必须得试一下,真心不错!年头时胃炎发作吃东西都非常小心,吃多吃少吃了不易消化的东西,一到疼起来简直要人命!白天东西都不敢多吃,少吃多餐,晚餐只要吃一点点不容易消化的食物,夜里最难受,经常半夜被疼醒,导致最近追剧的时候都不敢吃东西,昨天下班看到油茶到了,早晚一小包?抱着不安的心拿了一包试一下,半夜胃没有不舒服!!! 这款油茶面➕了猴菇粉,猴菇粉是个好东西, 胃不好的非常适合!配料都是真材实料,开包就能闻到那种香气,红枣甜油茶,含多种杂粮谷物和坚果.顾名思义里面有红枣碎,瓜籽,核桃仁,葡萄干,真的是肉眼可见的真材实料! 原来以为一包就一份,没想到是十包,操作简单,直接开水冲开非常顺滑,也不会结粒,就像米糊似的,我喜欢干点的不是很喜欢较稀的,所以开水放的较少,红枣香➕豆粉香,闻着就很有胃口!重点昨晚吃了一碗怀着忐忑不安的心入睡,没想到半夜没有任何胃不适!哎麦 终于夜里有宵夜可吃了!今早一起来又冲了包,真的是简单方便,好吃又养胃! 早上当早餐吃,可以泡稀一点,再来点面包或蛋糕配一下,应该就管饱了,我是早上胃口特好的人,吃的量也比较多,我觉得这比芝麻核桃粉更好吃,也更方便些! 家里备些偶尔吃个小远门啥的,携带出去也很方便,早上来不及吃早餐冲一下就🉑️,价格方面也很好,一包里十小包才4块多,可算是物美价廉了!