# 油茶 # # 德富祥 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation455ebb41d4924a0789cb 看完直播来一碗油茶面,德富祥 中老年油茶面,一包里面有十小包,配料表上的香辛料看得我瑟瑟发抖😥,最怕花椒和茴香,幸好不是很多,偶尔一两口真的会Being late, the numbness of peppercorns is really scary and I want to eat it. Open the visible nuts, black and white sesame seeds, boiled water and stir it for a few times. It is drier in the morning and thinner in the evening. Suddenly, it tastes better if it is thinner! Every bite is very smooth. After soaking, the aroma of sesame is very rich, the crunch of nuts, the sweetness and sourness of wolfberry and raisin. I love the fragrance of sesame, but I am most afraid of spices. It is really surprising and delightful in every bite. The first entrance is a touch of salty salty taste, and then there is the nut and sesame spice. Such a layered sense hits the taste buds. Unconsciously, a bowl of food is just too much, not too much. These two days are really a pack in the morning and evening. It's convenient and simple to soak, and it can be used as a staple food or a snack to satisfy your cravings. It's really good! But why is it called 油茶 for middle-aged and elderly people? Eat 油茶 noodles in the morning and evening for two consecutive days, can I continue tomorrow?
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Yamiセレクション # 油茶 # # 德富祥 # # 德富祥中老年油茶 # 看完直播来一碗油茶面,德富祥 中老年油茶面,一包里面有十小包,配料表上的香辛料看得我瑟瑟发抖😥,最怕花椒和茴香,幸好不是很多,偶尔一两口真的会迟到花椒那种麻,真是的又怕又想吃😂. 打开材料包里肉眼可见的坚果类,黑白芝麻,开水直接冲搅拌几下就可以吃了,早上冲的较干些,晚上就泡的稀一些,突然发觉稀点更好吃!每一口都是非常顺滑,泡开后芝麻香非常浓郁,坚果的脆,枸杞和葡萄干的酸甜,最爱咬到芝麻的那个香,最怕香辛料,真的是每一口又惊又喜,一入口就是淡淡的盐巴咸味,再来就是坚果 芝麻 香辛料,这样的层次感冲击着味蕾,不知不觉一碗下肚,刚刚好不多也不少,这两天还真的是早晚一包.冲泡方便简单,既可以当主食也可以当零食来解馋,真的很不错!但为啥叫中老年油茶呢?连着两天早晚吃油茶面,明天还能继续吗?