Health girl is on the line. I have been DIYing red bean and barley gorgon tea at home before, and YAMI has quality control, so I have never bought this kind of tea. This time, I saw the new version of Fangjiapu on YAMI (I really love this brand), which is a guarantee of quality in my psychology. ⭐The ingredients are a bit surprising In addition to the regular red bean and barley, there are also red bean, barley, licorice, orange peel, gardenia, and gorgon. I opened the tea bag and looked at it. As soon as I opened it, I could smell orange peel and licorice (I really like these two flavors). ⭐ Beautifully packaged, small tea bags are easy to carry ⭐The taste is very special Compared with ordinary red bean barley tea, the taste is very refreshing because of the addition of orange peel and licorice. You can also drink a faint barley tea fragrance~ Compared with the one I made myself, I don’t feel like I’m drinking rice soup, I feel like I’m really drinking tea, and it has a lot of layers~ I like it very much and will repurchase! ⭐ cost-effective online The price is 💰7.69/20 packs, less than 0.4 knives a pack~ I used 1.5L water to soak it. After drinking the first pot, I boiled another pot. I feel that the taste is a little weak, but it is ok. One pack can drink 3L of water, I think it is very good~ Thank you all for being here ❤️
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养生girl上线,之前一直在家DIY红豆薏米芡实茶,YAMI 亚米己品控,所以没怎么买过此类茶。这次在 YAMI 亚米 上看到了方家铺子的上新(真的很爱这个品牌),在我心理=品质的保证。 ⭐成分有点被惊艳到 除了常规的赤小豆,薏米以外,还有红豆,大麦,甘草,橘皮,栀子,芡实。拆开茶包看了下,一打开就可以闻到橘皮和甘草味道(很喜欢这两味)。 ⭐包装精美,小茶包方便携带 ⭐味道很特别 和一般的红豆薏米茶相比,因为添加了橘皮和甘草,味道很清爽。也可以喝出淡淡的大麦茶香~和自己做的相比,没有一种在喝米汤的感觉,感觉是真的在喝茶,而且有很多层次感~非常喜欢,会回购! ⭐性价比在线 售价💰7.69/20包,不到0.4刀一包~我是用1.5L水泡的,喝完第一壶以后,又煮了一壶,感觉味道有点淡,但是也还行。一包可以大差不差的喝3L水,我觉得很可以啦~ 感谢大家看到这里❤️