From a third-party merchant [ZDEER Electric Scraping Board Beauty Device] I really fell in love with it once I used it ❤ Anyone who knows me knows that I am a traditional health care lover~ Every time I go to a massage, I will ask others to help me more Scraping once, with this, you can scrape at home anytime, anywhere! And psychologically, it will also feel cleaner and more secure 🥰 The part it uses for scraping is natural Bianstone, which is more reliable. Bianstone contains trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. It can be heated and used, making massage more comfortable! I feel that the meridians where I have shaved are smooth, and the whole person is very comfortable👍🏻 Let me tell you one of my favorite things about it ✨This scraper can be used on the whole body, including the face 💆🏻‍♀️I personally feel that it has a more edema-removing effect than a big Japanese roller face-lifter! Basically, if I drank a lot of water before going to bed the night before and didn’t sleep well, I would wake up the next morning with a swollen pig’s head and look very uninspired. Now I use a little essential oil (even a thicker lotion will do) and scrape up my cheeks with a scraper; the lymph nodes on the side of my neck scrape down. The effect of removing edema is immediate! Very touching haha! And the whole process is really comfortable. After shaving, I feel that the whole person is awake, super spirited 🧏🏻‍♀️ In addition to the face, it can take care of the shoulders, neck, back, abdomen, legs, hands, basically any part of the body can be used! Especially in summer, when the air conditioner blows too much, or sits for a long time to work and study, when I get home from get off work, my shoulders and neck are stiff, so I use it to scrape it. Sometimes I get sha easily. My mother said that it is because I have enough cold. Scraping can help to get rid of the cold. The whole person will also be very comfortable, and sleep well at night 💤 I still sincerely recommend this scraping board to family members who love health care and are prone to discomfort. Because the price-performance ratio of this scraping board is very high, I usually go to a massage parlor to scrape twice more than the price. What's more, this one can be used by the whole family, the elderly and children!
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来自第三方商家【ZDEER电动刮痧板美容仪】真的用了一次就疯狂爱上❤认识我的人都知道我是一个传统养生爱好者~每次去做按摩的时候都会要求别人帮我再多刮一次痧,有了这个随时随地都能在家刮痧了!而且心理上也会觉得更干净更安心🥰 它用来刮痧的部分是自然砭石,天然的更放心~砭石含有有益于人体的微量元素,它是可以加热使用的,按摩起来更加舒服!觉得刮过的地方经络都通畅了,整个人无比舒爽👍🏻 说一个本人最喜欢它的点✨这个刮痧仪是可以全身使用的,包括脸部哦💆🏻‍♀️个人感觉比某日本大牌滚轮瘦脸仪更有去水肿的功效!基本上如果我前一天晚上睡前喝多水、没睡好,第二天早上起来整个人就会肿的猪头一样,看起来非常没精神。现在我会用一点点精油(甚至质地厚一点的水乳都可以)然后用刮痧仪顺着脸颊向上刮;脖子侧面淋巴部位向下刮。真的去水肿效果立竿见影!非常感人哈哈!而且整个过程真的很舒服,刮完之后感觉整个人都醒了,超级精神🧏🏻‍♀️ 除了面部之外,它可以照顾到肩颈、背部、腹部、腿部、手部,基本上全身任何一个部位都可以用!尤其是夏天空调吹多了,或者长久坐着工作学习,下班回家整个人肩颈都僵硬了,就用它刮一刮。有的时候我很容易出痧,我妈说那就是我寒气受足了,刮一刮可以帮助排掉寒气。整个人也会非常舒服,晚上睡觉都很香💤 我还是诚心给爱养生、身体容易不舒服的家人推荐这个刮痧板的。因为这个刮痧板的性价比非常高了,一般我去按摩店刮两次痧都不止这个价格了。更何况这个买回去全家老人孩子都可以用!