My first mite remover Raycop In the past, I thought that the mite remover was always an IQ tax. I didn’t know the importance of mite remover until I started to develop acne on my back. Once I was planted by my cousin Xu Meida on a live broadcast. This model looks very small and convenient for storage! So I tried to bring it home First of all, in terms of appearance, this is the color I like very much. The whole body is pure white and looks very clean! ! It is compact and won’t make your arms sore after a long time of use. The wireless vacuum cleaner is especially suitable for living alone or with few people, in the car or when traveling. This one has several highlights: 🌟UV ultraviolet light sterilization rate reaches 99.9% Eye protection and skin care automatically senses the fabric to light up, and the light will not turn on when you put your hand on the air outlet✅ Can eliminate 99.99% of coliform Staphylococcus within 5 seconds✅ Achieve 99.99% protection against Influenza A H1N1 virus within 2 seconds✅ 99.9% of house dust mites are sucked and isolated within 3 minutes✅ 🌟Three-level mode adjustment, to meet the daily high-frequency use at home 🌟 Less noise, cleaning in the middle of the night is also ok 🌟 Comes with pure white storage box 🌟The filter is washable Raycop is also the number one brand of mite removal equipment in Japan. It has won various patent awards and can really close its eyes.
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Yamiセレクション 我的第一部除螨仪Raycop 从前我以为除螨仪一直都是智商税,直到背上开始长痘才知道除螨的重要性😢有一次在直播上被大表姐许美达 种草了这一款,看起来特别小巧收纳方便!于是就努力把它带回家了~ 首先这款外观上来说是我非常吃的颜,机身通体纯白看起来就很干净!!小巧的用久了也不会手臂酸,无线吸尘除螨特别适合独居或少人以及在车内又或者是旅行时使用 这一款主要有几个亮点: 🌟UV紫外光线杀菌率达99.9% 护眼护肤自动感应布料亮灯,手放在出风口不会亮灯✅ 5秒以内可以消灭99.99%的大肠菌葡萄球菌✅ 2秒以内达到99.99%A型流感H1N1病毒防护✅ 3分钟以内99.9%房屋尘螨吸除隔离✅ 🌟三档模式调节,满足家居日常高频使用 🌟噪音较小,半夜打扫也也可以了 🌟自带纯白收纳盒 🌟过滤网可水洗 Raycop也是日本除螨仪第一品牌,各种专利奖项都拿到手软,真的可以闭眼冲啦👍# 黑色星期唔呼! # # 值得买的黑科技 #