Health care girl, look here~ This scented tea is really delicious🌸 # 晒出你的美丽心机 #Health tea has been drinking, and this one I shared today is—every # 方家铺子 #日茶,茶包的色The value is great! 😍The drawer packaging is easy to take, 🛍️Three types of tea bags, one cup each in the morning, afternoon and evening !Moisturizing morning tea: Luo Han Guo chrysanthemum tea, moisturizing and reducing fire, brightening and colorful Afternoon tea: Sydney osmanthus tea, sweet and nourishing, lightening evening tea: Black wolfberry rose tea, beautifying and nourishing. 👌The ingredients of the three flavors of scented tea are very rich, real materials are individually packaged in small packages, clean and hygienic, convenient and portable, both adults and children can drink, YYDS~
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养生女孩看过来~这款花茶真的很好喝🌸 # 晒出你的美丽心机 #养生茶一直在喝,今天分享的这款是—每# 方家铺子 #日茶,茶包的颜值很赞!😍抽式包装拿取方便,🛍️三款茶包,早中晚各一杯!清润早茶: 罗汉果菊花茶,清润降火,明目缤纷下午茶: 雪梨桂花茶,甘甜滋润轻颜晚茶:黑枸杞玫瑰花茶,美容养颜。👌三种口味的花茶配料都很丰富,真材实料独立小包装,干净卫生,方便便携,大人小孩都可以喝,YYDS~