I sincerely recommend that girls drink more of it! # 方家铺子 # 方家铺子This longan, red dates and wolfberry tea is so convenient, it’s a good makeup artifact! The taste is the sweetness of the dried fruit, delicious, and a lot of ingredients. They are all good things that are visible to the naked eye: Longan ten red dates and ten goji berries My skin feels rosy in a week!#为所爱 放肆嗨#
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真心建议女孩子多多喝它! # 方家铺子 # 方家铺子这款桂圆红枣枸杞茶,太方便啦,妥妥的素颜神器!口感是果干自带的甜润,很好喝,料很多,都是肉眼可见的好东西: 桂圆十红枣十枸杞连喝了一周感觉皮肤都红润了!# 为所爱 放肆嗨 #