# 全球购 # 🍀I bought a Poros double-layer stainless steel electric steamer from Yami and am happy to use it! 🍀 Although I already have many kitchen appliances, I really don’t have a double-layer electric steamer! I saw that my friend’s electric steamer is so easy to use, and I’ve already been salivating! This time I saw that Yami has this German Sapphire North American version Poros double-layer electric steamer that is very popular in Xiaohongshu. I was attracted by the appearance at first glance. It has a simple Nordic style design and looks great in the kitchen. Looks good, buy it! 🍀This electric steamer is made of off-white and stainless steel. It is refreshing and very eye-catching! Of course, appearance is just a foil, the most important thing is its function! What I like is the 10L large capacity, equipped with a double-layer steaming rack, single and double layers can be freely combined, the size can be arranged as desired, and the three-dimensional combination of upper steaming and lower stewing is multi-functional. The upper layer can heat steamed buns and the lower layer can stew white fungus, or the upper layer steams sweet potatoes and the lower layer steams them. Shrimp, even whole fish and whole chicken can be cooked effortlessly! 🍀 This electric steamer has a high power of 1350W and can produce steam very quickly in 60 seconds. It is really great for those who are impatient! The high-level steam accumulates layer by layer, locking in the delicious and original juice of the ingredients, making the ingredients fresher and more tender! Moreover, it scientifically recirculates the condensate water, and the water droplets do not fall directly on the food. The steamed buns and other steamed buns come out dry and soft without any water, which is really good! There is also an external water injection port designed to add water without opening the lid. It comes with a split juice collecting and draining tray, which can be disassembled and cleaned easily, and the dirty water and clean water are separated, so that there is no odor during cooking! 🍀In terms of materials, the steaming tray is made of thickened food-grade SUS304 stainless steel, and the water tray and water tank are made of food-grade PP material, making it safer to use. There is a transparent visual skylight on the glass cover, so the status of the food can be seen at a glance. It is a very considerate design! 🍀The function is equipped with 24-hour reservation and 8-hour automatic heat preservation. The simple design of the mechanical button is easy to operate. The selection of steaming, stewing, disinfection, heat preservation, water addition, and reservation time are clear at a glance. There is also a water shortage protection prompt and automatic pause. You can make an appointment at night to cook porridge to eat in the morning, or you can put in the ingredients in the morning and make an appointment to have a hot meal when you get back from get off work. It’s really convenient! Capable housewives can show off their talents by steaming various complementary foods, stewing nutritious soups and porridges, and disinfecting tableware, saving a lot of trouble and time in the kitchen surrounded by fumes. It is really easy to use!
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Yamiセレクション # 全球购 # 🍀在亚米入手了一个Poros双层不锈钢电蒸锅,开开心心用起来! 🍀 虽然我已经有了很多厨房电器,但是双层电蒸锅我还真的没有呀!看到朋友家的电蒸锅非常好用,早就垂涎三尺了!这次看到亚米有了这款火遍小红书的德国蓝宝北美版Poros双层电蒸锅,第一眼就被颜值吸引到了,简约北欧风设计,放在厨房里好好看,看着都心情好,买! 🍀这款电蒸锅整体是米白色和不锈钢,清清爽爽非常养眼!当然颜值只是陪衬,最重要的还是它的功能!我看中的是10L大容量,配双层蒸架,单双层自由组合,大小容量随心安排,上蒸下炖立体组合多功能,上层热包子下层炖银耳,或者上层蒸红薯,下层蒸大虾,就算整鱼整鸡做起来都毫不费力! 🍀 这款电蒸锅是1350W大功率,60秒极速出蒸汽,对于没有耐心的人,真的太赞了!高层蒸汽层层聚拢,锁住食材鲜美原汁,让食材更鲜嫩!而且是科学回流冷凝水,水滴也不直落食物,蒸包子之类的出锅干爽松软,不会弄的水叽叽的这点真的很好!还有设计外置注水口,加水无需开盖。自带分体式接汁积水盘,能拆卸轻松清洗,脏水净水分离,这样蒸煮不串味! 🍀材料方面,蒸盘使用的是加厚食品级SUS304不锈钢材,接水盘水箱等是食品级PP材质,使用更安心。 玻璃上盖有透明可视化天窗,食物状态一目了然,非常贴心的设计了! 🍀在功能上设有24小时预约,8小时自动保温,简约设计的机械按钮操作简便,蒸、炖、消毒、保温、加水、预约时间选择一目了然,还有缺水保护提示,自动暂停。可以晚上预约煮粥早上吃,也可以早上放入食材预约下班回来就能吃到热腾腾的大餐,真的很方便!能干的主妇们可以大显身手,各种蒸辅食炖营养汤粥消毒餐具,省去好多在厨房里油烟环绕的烦恼和时间,真的太好用了!