# 新春甜茶 # 🍀In early spring in March, the grass grows and orioles fly, the trees bloom and sprout, the pink flowers and green leaves are warm and welcoming. You change your winter clothes and relax your body and mind. So, in such a vibrant and joyful season, you have to have some tea. The breath of spring is just the right time! As someone who loves all kinds of tea, I naturally want to change with the seasons! 🍀 Take a look at the various flower and fruit teas from the new Huaguoxuan in Zhongyami! Some friends happened to say that it tastes very good, is very suitable for girls, is bourgeois and healthy! Then we must have it! 🍀Huaguoxuan’s flower and fruit tea gift packs come in five types, namely Grapefruit Lemon Passion Fruit Flower and Fruit Tea, Blueberry Peach Dark Rose Flower and Fruit Tea, Strawberry Pineapple Coconut Coconut Flower and Fruit Tea, Peach Snow Pear Osmanthus Oolong Tea Flower and Fruit Tea, cranberry lemon fig tea! I love it just by looking at the name! What should I do? Everyone wants to try it! Well, it doesn’t mean that adults don’t do multiple-choice questions, they should all do it! OK, let’s catch them all at once and win a gift pack of 5 best-selling flower and fruit teas! 🍀I’m really happy to get the gift bag. The various pink and tender flower and fruit patterns on the packaging bag are so spring-like! Each bag of flower and fruit tea contains five small packets of individually packaged and matched flower and fruit tea. You can take out one packet every time and enjoy it! 🍀Hit the key points! Hit the point! Every kind of flower and fruit tea is made of real dried flowers and fruits, and they are authentic. Whether it is peach, pineapple, blueberry, lemon, osmanthus and rose, or strawberry, snow pear, cranberry and fig, they are all genuine flowers and fruits. You will feel the aroma when you open the bag. The sweet and rich floral and fruity scent is really amazing! 🍀I have to say that the current fruit tea understands girls so well! Don’t we girls just need to drink more drinks that can beautify the skin, delay aging, replenish qi and blood, tone the skin, and have some health-preserving functions? These flower and fruit teas can be used! Not to mention that all flower and fruit teas are rich in vitamins. Each kind of flower and fruit tea has specific effects. It is a good idea to mix and drink the five types in rotation! 🌹Grapefruit lemon passion fruit flower tea can provide antioxidants and help whitening, and can also stimulate appetite, digestion, moisturize the intestines and relieve constipation. 🌹Blueberry, peach, ink and red rose fruit tea can reduce swelling, detoxify, lighten spots and whiten, relieve stress, calm and soothe. 🌹Strawberry, Pineapple, Coconut and Coconut Flower Tea is the best way to lose fat. It is rich in proteases that can effectively decompose and absorb protein and burn fat. 🌹 Peach, Sydney, Osmanthus and Oolong tea can promote metabolism, accelerate fat burning, lose weight, resist oxidation and lower blood pressure. 🌹 Cranberry lemon fig flower tea is whitening and antioxidant. The lipase, hydrolase and other ingredients in it can reduce fat precipitation, dredge blood vessels, lower blood lipids and blood pressure. Figs can strengthen the spleen and appetite, produce body fluids and quench thirst, and promote digestion! 🍀 The five kinds of fruit teas from Huaguoxuan are all fragrant, sweet and delicious when brewed. I can’t stop drinking them one cup at a time. They are also really good-looking. They all look great when brewed with various glass transparent tea sets. Yeah, watching all kinds of fruits and flowers floating in the steaming teapot makes me feel very good! Have you guys tried it?
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Yamiセレクション # 新春甜茶 # 🍀早春三月,草长莺飞,一树树开花的开花,发芽的发芽,粉花绿叶一派温暖和煦,换下冬装身心轻松,那么,这样生机勃勃的愉悦季节,喝茶也得来点有春日气息的才应景啊!爱各种茶饮的我自然也要跟着季节变换! 🍀一眼看中亚米上新出的花果轩的各种花果茶!正好有小伙伴们说非常好喝,太适合女生了,又小资又养生!那咱必须得有! 🍀花果轩的花果茶礼包有五种呢,分别是西柚柠檬百香果花果茶,蓝莓蜜桃墨红玫瑰花果茶,草莓菠萝椰椰花果茶,蜜桃雪梨桂花乌龙茶花果茶,蔓越莓柠檬无花果花果茶!光看名字就好喜欢!怎么办,每个都想试试!好吧,不是说成年人不做选择题的嘛,应该都要!OK,那咱就一网打尽,5种畅销款花果茶大礼包拿下! 🍀拿到礼包真的很开心,包装袋上粉粉嫩嫩的各种花花果果图案太有春天气息了!每一袋花果茶里面都有五小包单独包装搭配好的花果茶,每次拿一包出来就可以美美地泡上了! 🍀敲重点!敲重点!每一种花果茶都是真的干花干果,货真价实,不管是蜜桃菠萝蓝莓柠檬,还是桂花玫瑰,还是草莓雪梨蔓越莓无花果,都统统是正儿八经的花花果果,打开袋子就是扑鼻的香甜浓郁的花果气息,真的太赞了! 🍀不得不说现在的水果茶太懂女生了!咱女生不就是要多喝点能美容养颜延缓衰老,补气血调肤质再有些养生功能的饮品,这些花果茶都可以!先不说所有的花果茶里面都含有丰富的维生素,每一种花果茶都有特定的功效,五种搭配起来轮换着喝是个好办法! 🌹西柚柠檬百香果花果茶能抗氧化助美白,还可开胃消食润肠通便。 🌹蓝莓蜜桃墨红玫瑰花果茶可以消肿解毒淡斑美白,舒缓压力镇定抚慰。 🌹草莓菠萝椰椰花果茶是减脂届的扛把子,里面富含的蛋白酶可以有效分解和吸收蛋白质,燃烧脂肪。 🌹 蜜桃雪梨桂花乌龙茶花果茶可以促进新陈代谢,加速脂肪燃烧,减肥瘦身,抗氧化降血压。 🌹 蔓越莓柠檬无花果花果茶更是美白抗氧,里面的脂肪酶、水解酶等成分可减少脂肪的沉淀、疏通血管降血脂降血压,无花果能健脾开胃,生津止渴促进消化! 🍀 花果轩的这五种水果茶,每一种泡出来都香香甜甜特别好喝,一杯一杯停不下来,而且真的颜值超高,用各种玻璃的透明茶具泡出来都好好看呀,看着各种水果和花在热气腾腾的茶壶里浮浮沉沉,心情都变得特别好!小伙伴们都试过了吗?