I bought it with a few friends, I am still very excited 🤓 First of all, let’s talk about lazy hot pot: I’m not too fond of spicy food, so I kept adding water and water, filtering and filtering. The whole thing is fine. second time feeling Wangzai milk: super delicious Sauerkraut beef vermicelli: I think it is much stronger than the vermicelli in the lazy hot pot, it is good to put a little less water Fresh milk sugar: milk taste is very strong Matcha-flavored hard candy: The matcha flavor is quite strong Unified Pork Ribs Noodles: According to my classmates, the taste is huge and not delicious, the taste is extremely light, and it is super invincible. Braised beef noodles: just average For personal taste only
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跟几个小伙伴一起买的,还是挺激动的🤓 首先说一下懒人火锅:本人不是太能吃辣就不断的加水加水,过滤过滤,整体还好吧,毕竟始终与大家心中最向往美味的火锅还是有一定差距的,算吃过一次不会接触第二次的感觉 旺仔牛奶:超好喝 酸菜牛肉粉丝:我觉得比懒人火锅里的粉丝强太多太多了,水少放一点还是不错的 鲜牛奶糖:牛奶味很浓 抹茶味硬糖:抹茶味还挺浓的 统一排骨面:据我同学所说味道巨不好吃,味道极其淡,超级无敌淡 红烧牛肉面:就一般吧 仅限个人口味而言