From small to large. Note ⚠️ To buy the bean-flavored version, the spicy flavor is the best! ! ! Every time I open the box, I can't help but eat it all. Sichuan girl certification. There is a spicy version of millet, which has a poor taste. Another purpose of this order is to invite friends who have eaten but not eaten to urge the replenishment together: Shu Dao Xiang Spicy Squid Foot Slices - Really! See you later! I tasted the spicy beef jerky taste of Chengdu Walking Sheepdog!
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Yamiセレクション 从小吃到大。注意⚠️要买豆香款麻辣味最好吃!!!每次一开箱就忍不住全吃完了。川妹子认证。有个小米麻辣款,口感欠佳。本单还有个目的,就是请吃过没吃过的小伙伴们一起催促补货:蜀道香 麻辣鱿鱼足片-真!相见恨晚!吃出了成都遛羊狗的麻辣牛肉干味儿!