I just received it less than half an hour ago, and I can't wait to introduce it to everyone, and now I say the same: 1: Cookies 🍪 must buy the following two kinds of cranberry red and matcha green, no wonder they are often out of stock, so: don’t place an order yet, hurry up~~~ One word: it’s really delicious😋 2: The pejoy biscuit bar needs no introduction, because my mother thinks it is delicious 3: There is also a good girl in yellow, Gao Xiaomei, I want to say: I will definitely repurchase. Because it is also delicious. No wonder there are so many comments 😏 4: There are also strawberry cake and Want Want Rice Cake, which I feel is normal. My son loves to eat it. Strawberry cake is very convenient to take out. It is a good snack for 🍓-controlled children. As for Want Want, it is a childhood memory. 5: Mustard: This brand can be a classic among classics. The important things are said three times: classic, classic, classic ^_^ It is a must for porridge, noodles and rice in the morning. artifact. if you buy At 48.5 or 48.99, it's just a little bit less to get free shipping, don't worry, it's this bag of mustard, wow haha. (Don't thank me. I just need you to be absolutely sincere and share it) Hee hee
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Yamiセレクション 我刚收到不到半小时,我已经迫不及待要介绍给大家了,现在一样一样说: 1:曲奇饼🍪必须要买下面蔓越莓红色和抹茶绿色这两种,难怪经常断货,so:还不下单去,快~~~一个字:真tm好吃😋 2:pejoy饼干条这个不用介绍了,因为老娘觉得就是好吃 3:还有黄色这个好丽友高笑美,我想说:我一定会回购的.因为也tm 好吃.难怪评论那么多😏 4:还有草莓蛋糕和旺旺米饼我感觉就是平常的,我儿子很爱吃.草莓蛋糕带出门很方便,对于🍓控的孩子不错的出门零食,至于旺旺就是童年回忆. 5:榨菜:这个牌子可以是经典中的经典,重要的事情说三次:经典,经典,经典^_^早上配粥,配面,配饭都是一绝,还有一个重点:它就是凑单神器。你们要是买 48.5或者48.99时候,就是差那么一点才免邮,不用担心,就是这包榨菜了,哇哈哈.(不要谢我了.我只需要你们绝对的我是真心分享就行)嘻嘻