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Ire Barty~~I am your planter Annieer🌱

Today I bring you the three treasures of health care——Eye care pills Enzyme pillsXiao Shi Tablets

☘️☘️PolaEye Care☘️☘️

The main ingredient of eye care pills is purpurea extract can help improve dark circles and relieve eye fatigue. Two capsules a day, simple and convenient.

After taking it for three months, my eyes are obviously not feeling very sore and sleepy, but I haven't noticed any improvement in dark circles.

Recommended to people who look at computers and mobile phones every day, a good helper to relieve eyesight fatigue👍

☘️☘MDCEnzyme pills️☘️☘️

The second treasure is the enzyme pill that is taken all year round. Its role is mainly to help the body metabolize toxins and improve digestion to improve immunity.

I started taking enzymes mainly when I started to lose weight last year. Sometimes I occasionally want to eat p0 food or greasy food sinfully, and I will eat enzyme tablets immediately after eating. Surprisingly, digestion is normal and there is no weight gain.

But it's not realistic if you want to lose weight on it alone. Enzymes are very suitable for helping the metabolic rate when losing weight and occasionally want to open up meat to relieve cravings.

☘️☘️Jiangzhong Jianwei Xiaoshi Tablets☘️☘️

The last big magic weapon is the stomach and digestion tablets from snacks to big ones~~ I still remember that when I was a child, the advertisement on TV was Guo Donglin's big bald head🙃(Age of exposure...)

Yes, another digestive aid hahahahahaha😂Who makes Foodies have a heart that eats all over the world but don't have the stomach to eat all of it🌚🌝

In fact, its purpose is different from that of enzyme tablets. Jianwei Xiaoshi Tablets are mainly ingredients that help digestion and absorption and digestion. Take it after indigestion, so that food cannot be digested and accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract for a long time and cause other symptoms.

Every time I finish eating big fish and meat, I will take a few Xiaoshi tablets, and I immediately feel a lot smoother in my stomach. Especially when there are three, four, five or six meals a day, I have fried rice first, then ice cream, then a bowl of noodles, an egg tart, and finally a bowl of hot and sour noodles, which makes my stomach very upsetconfuseI don't know where to start🤷‍♀️

This is where you need a warrior like Jianwei Xiaoshi Tablet to fall into a tumultuous stomach, save you from dire straits, and bring you the warmest care👼

Today's grass planting is here, I wish everyone a pair of bright eyes and a pair of water to eat when you want~~😻😻

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